Quick Start Character

To quickly create a character, all you need to know is that reach PC is allowed 21 points for attributes, the starting point for each attribute is 10, the maximum amount you can raise an attribute is to 20, and the minimum amount you can lower an attribute is 1.

Once you’ve placed your attributes, you can begin choosing skills. There are 4 ranks in reach skillset: Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, and Adept. You are given 6 skill points to start out with, each skill after apprentice costs double what the previous track cost. So, say apprentice leatherwork costs 1 point, journeyman leatherwork would cost 2 points, master leatherwork would cost 4 points, and adept leatherwork would cost 6 points.

After you’ve picked your skills, you choose your feats, you start play with two feats, and they can not be from the same category.

to be continued

Quick Start Character

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